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M.A.P.S. Marriages and Parenting Successfully Relationship Academy

Whether you are in a good place in your relationship and want to keep building on a solid foundation; experiencing challenges in your relationship; frustrated with balancing your role as a parent; in conflict with your co-parent; or you are single and want to approach your future relationships differently - we would love to add value to you and your family.

M.A.P.S. Relationship Academy is an online community committed to building and enhancing healthy relationships.



Our coaches specialize in helping soon to be married or seasoned married couples navigate through the pitfalls and challenges they hurdle in order to have healthy and functional relationships.



Our coaches provide support and guidance as you navigate through the various development stages of your child. We also specialize in developing and maintaining a functional co-parenting relationship between custodial and non-custodial parents.



This group is specially designed for singles who one day want to get married. Whether having previously been married, having been in a long-term relationship, or currently dating - these singles realize if they want something different they have do do something different. The goal of the group is provide relationship skills and tools that will position them for a successful marriage in the future.


Men's and Ladies Only Groups

Our coaches meet with the Men in a separate group in order to discuss and address their relationship concerns from a mans perspective. The Ladies also get individualized coaching in the Single Ladies and Coupled Ladies only groups, that approaches them from a women's perspective relative to their relationship status.

Schedule A FREE Discovery Session

Schedule a FREE Discovery Session with Glenn P. Brooks, Jr. so that we can determine how we can best help you with your relationship and personal development goals.

When you complete the brief intake form be sure to provide as much information as possible to give us a clear description of your current situation and goals. For couples it is imperative that both of you complete an intake form before your scheduled discovery session.

In addition to the M.A.P.S. Relationshp Academy we offer other services as listed below:

Relationship Coaching services to include, but not limited to Individual, Couples, and Family Coaching in addition to Premarital and Co-Parenting Coaching.

Personal Development Coaching services include Organizational, Life Balance, and Strength Building.


If you are in the business of adding value to families or looking to launch a business helping families, then this Master Class is for you! 

Whether you are a speaker, coach, realtor, pastor, financial advisor, or ministry leader this course will help you achieve your mission of helping people. The MAPS MMC Intensive can help you build your online presence, develop products and content, and create a stream of residual income.